Rebrand & Website

Creative / Digital

Silicon Valley based Aspenify commissioned K8 to design their global website. Effectively, a ‘Shop window’ to showcase their new product. K8 designed the front-end (the pretty stuff!), and used their very talented UK-based developer to build the back-end (the important stuff – that makes it work!)

Aspenify is a new way for people to work together by automating the process of connecting people, innovating new ideas and performing as a collective virtual team. At the core of the new way to work are the interactive playbooks (iPlaybooks™). iPlaybooks™ automate the process of converting your ideas and initiatives into results. In one place, they bring together your content, workflow and teams. They’re where you create once and reuse many times to make repeatable, scalable practices easier and more consistent.  

We are thrilled with the results – as are Aspenify. We’ve managed to create a fresh, modern website with a clear and simple user journey to explain what is quite a complex and multi-layered product. The site sets out all of its key features, product price tiers and opportunity for signup. We were able to advise and help with their messaging and ultimately strapline. As part of the website design process, we created a vibrant brand colour palette that gave them some ‘Pop’. Aspenify were so impressed with our service, when we recommended K8 refresh their existing logo and guidelines to compliment and strengthen their website and overall brand, there was no hesitation.