Carnival Cruise Line
Marketing Collateral

Creative / Marketing / Digital

We’ve worked with Carnival for well over a decade. Working on all aspects of marketing comms, including online banner ads, press advertising, Direct mail, Trade Show stands… you name it, we’ve done it for Carnival. This particular example is their sales brochure. This was a big deal. It’s the biggest tool in their sales box. Carnival send these out direct to consumers, but also to their travel agents who use them in their agencies.

It needed to attract families and ooze fun, energy and colour to mirror Carnival’s brand ethics. We achieved this by combining Carnival’s existing brand typeface with a new accent typeface allowing us to push the creative boundaries a little. This worked especially well with the double page spreads. Also key to its success was choosing imagery that enhanced the design with colour and personality. We also used our amazing copywriters to write impactful, inviting and energetic copy to harmonise with the design.

Fun really does await inside! This was so popular, that when the US and mainland Europe saw the UK version, they asked us to version them for their audience! Good design and FUN is clearly contagious!